Editorial Guidelines

At Bestfastingapps.com, we are committed to providing honest, comprehensive, and unbiased reviews of fasting apps. Our goal is to empower users to make informed decisions by offering reliable information and insights. To maintain the quality and integrity of our reviews, we have established the following editorial guidelines:

Independence and Impartiality:

Our reviews are independent and free from any external influence or bias.

We do not accept payment, gifts, or favors from fasting app developers or any other parties that could compromise the objectivity of our reviews.

Our reviews are based solely on the merits and features of the fasting apps we evaluate.

Thorough Evaluation:

We conduct in-depth testing and evaluation of each fasting app to provide a comprehensive review.

Our evaluation includes assessing features, user interface, functionality, usability, and effectiveness.

We consider various fasting methods supported by the app, customization options, tracking capabilities, educational resources, and user support.


We clearly disclose any affiliations, sponsorships, or potential conflicts of interest that may exist between our site and fasting app developers.

If we receive compensation or any form of consideration for reviewing a fasting app, it will be clearly disclosed within the review.

We aim to be transparent about our review process, methodology, and criteria used for evaluating fasting apps.

User-Focused Perspective:

Our reviews prioritize the needs and preferences of the users.

We consider the target audience for each app and evaluate its suitability for different user profiles.

We provide insights into how the app can benefit users in achieving their fasting goals and improving their overall experience.

Balanced Criticism:

While highlighting the strengths of fasting apps, we also address any limitations, drawbacks, or areas that could be improved.

We strive to provide constructive criticism that helps both users and app developers.

Our aim is to present a fair and balanced assessment of each app’s strengths and weaknesses.

Clear Rating System:

We use a clear and consistent rating system to summarize our overall assessment of each fasting app.

Ratings are based on objective criteria and factors relevant to the app’s performance, features, usability, and value.

Regular Updates:

We regularly revisit our reviews to ensure they remain up to date and accurate.

If there are significant updates or changes to a fasting app, we aim to provide timely updates to reflect those changes in our reviews.

Respectful and Professional Tone:

We maintain a respectful and professional tone in our reviews, avoiding offensive language, personal attacks, or discriminatory remarks.

We encourage open dialogue and constructive feedback from our readers.

By adhering to these editorial guidelines, we aim to provide a reliable and trustworthy resource for individuals seeking information and reviews on fasting apps. Our commitment is to empower users with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions that align with their fasting goals and preferences.

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