LIFE Fasting Tracker Review: An Intermittent Fasting App with the Cheapest Subscription

LIFE Fasting Tracker has earned its reputation as a trusted companion on the path to better health. Featured in renowned publications like Women’s Health, Good Morning America, USA Today, Men’s Health, PopSugar, and Good Housekeeping, it stands as a leading intermittent fasting tracker.

IOS Rating4.8
Android Rating4.7
Operating SystemIOS, Android
Price$2.99 for LIFE+ subscription

Our Review of LIFE Fasting Tracker

LIFE Fasting Tracker app is a powerhouse of wellness, combining convenience, credibility, and community support. It’s a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their metabolic health, achieve sustainable weight loss, and lead a healthier life. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced faster, this app is your partner on the path to well-being. Start for free and witness the transformation – your health goals are within reach!

Pros and Cons of LIFE Fasting Tracker

Pros of LIFE Fasting Tracker

  • Effective Health Tracking
  • Versatile Fasting Support
  • Community Engagement
  • Learning Resources
  • Habit Tracking
  • LIFE+ Subscription
  • User-Friendly Interface

Cons of LIFE Fasting Tracker

  • Too many features that need to be paid: Although the subscription LIFE fasting tracker has the lowest price of subscription, $2.99, most of its customized features cannot be used unless they are paid including meal plans, recipes, visual progress, habit tracker, etc.
  • The feature of the LIFE fasting tracker is too simple: LIFE fasting tracker can only meet the basic demands of an intermittent fasting tracker. For example, only basic intermittent fasting plans are available like 16:8, 15:9, and 20:4 while no customized plans are available.

Key Features of LIFE Fasting Tracker

  • Timer: Initiate and conclude your fasting periods with a simple tap. The fasting arc visually tracks your progress and guides you into the coveted “keto zone” – where fat-burning magic happens.
  • Fast Your Way: Customize your fasting style effortlessly. Be it 16:8, 24-hour fasts, or any other schedule, LIFE Fasting accommodates your preferences.
  • Tracking: Keep tabs on your weight, measurements, ketone levels, blood glucose, and even your mood, creating a comprehensive record of your health journey. Seamlessly integrate wearable devices, including Apple Health, to centralize your health data.
  • Social Circles: Fasting is more enjoyable with friends. Engage with the supportive LIFE Fasting community for motivation, encouragement, accountability, and valuable tips.
  • Learning Library: Stay informed about the health benefits of intermittent fasting through our extensive library. Regularly updated, science-backed articles keep you abreast of the latest health insights.
  • Assessments & Calculators: Utilize a range of tools, from macro and BMR calculators to health assessments, to gain deeper insights into your health and meet your goals.

How Much Does LIFE Fasting Tracker Cost?

  • $2.99 for a LIFE+ subscription

Who was LIFE Fasting Tracker Made for?

LIFE Fasting Tracker was designed to cater to a diverse range of individuals seeking to improve their health, adopt intermittent fasting as a lifestyle, and achieve their wellness goals. It is a versatile app that can benefit various user profiles, including:

  • Weight Loss Enthusiasts: LIFE Fasting Tracker is well-suited for individuals looking to manage their weight effectively. Intermittent fasting is a popular approach for weight loss, and the app provides the tools and support needed to track progress and stay motivated.
  • Metabolic Health Seekers: Those interested in enhancing their metabolic health, such as controlling blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity, can benefit from using the app. Tracking features for ketones and blood glucose can be particularly valuable for this group.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: The app caters to fitness enthusiasts who want to incorporate fasting into their wellness routine. It offers customizable fasting schedules and tracks various health metrics, making it suitable for those committed to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Community-Oriented Individuals: The social circle’s feature of LIFE Fasting Tracker is ideal for individuals who thrive on community support and accountability. Engaging with like-minded users can boost motivation and adherence to fasting goals.
  • Health-Conscious Individuals: Anyone who prioritizes their health and wellness can benefit from the app’s tracking tools, educational resources, and habit trackers. It encourages users to establish and maintain healthier routines.
  • Learning Enthusiasts: The app’s extensive learning library with research-backed articles is appealing to individuals who want to stay informed about the science behind intermittent fasting and the latest health trends.
  • Tech-Savvy Users: LIFE Fasting Tracker is designed for users comfortable with technology and mobile apps. It’s an excellent choice for those who embrace digital tools for managing their health and wellness.
  • Dietary Diversity: The app is flexible and can be adapted to various dietary preferences, including keto, paleo, and plant-based diets. Users following different eating plans can integrate intermittent fasting seamlessly.
  • Intermittent Fasting Beginners: Individuals new to intermittent fasting can benefit from the app’s user-friendly interface, customizable fasting schedules, and educational resources. It provides a supportive environment for those starting their fasting journey.
  • Advanced Fasters: Experienced intermittent fasters can take advantage of the app’s tracking capabilities, enhanced stats, and premium features offered through the LIFE+ subscription. It allows them to fine-tune their fasting regimen and gain deeper insights into their progress.
  • Wellness Enthusiasts of All Ages: LIFE Fasting Tracker is suitable for users of various age groups, provided they are 18 years or older. It encourages individuals of all ages to prioritize their well-being and make informed choices about their health.

Does LIFE Fasting Tracker Work?

The effectiveness of the LIFE Fasting Tracker app, like any health and wellness tool, depends on how well it aligns with your individual goals, commitment, and adherence to intermittent fasting, as well as other factors such as your current health status and dietary choices. Here are some considerations regarding whether LIFE Fasting Tracker can work for you:

Prospective Benefits:

  • Effective Tracking: The app offers comprehensive tracking tools for fasting progress, weight, measurements, ketones, blood glucose, and mood. If you use these tools consistently, they can help you monitor your health and fasting journey effectively.
  • Customizable Fasting Schedules: LIFE Fasting Tracker accommodates various intermittent fasting styles, making it adaptable to your preferences and lifestyle.
  • Community Support: Engaging with the app’s community can provide motivation, encouragement, and accountability, which can be beneficial for your fasting success.
  • Educational Resources: The learning library provides access to research-backed articles about intermittent fasting and health trends, helping you stay informed and make informed choices.
  • Habit Tracking: Habit trackers encourage the development of healthy routines beyond fasting, promoting overall well-being.
  • LIFE+ Subscription: The premium LIFE+ subscription offers additional features like customizable fasting schedules, enhanced stats, fitness videos, and an exclusive social circle, enhancing your fasting experience.

Factors to Consider:

Commitment: Success with intermittent fasting, and by extension, the app, relies on your commitment to adhering to fasting schedules and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during eating windows.

  • Individual Goals: Your specific health and wellness goals will determine how effectively the app works for you. If your primary aim is weight loss, metabolic health improvement, or another specific objective, the app can be a useful tool in achieving these goals.
  • Health Status: Your current health status, including any underlying medical conditions, can influence the effectiveness of intermittent fasting. Consulting with a healthcare professional before starting any fasting regimen is essential, especially if you have health concerns.
  • Dietary Choices: While the app is flexible and can be adapted to various dietary preferences, the effectiveness of intermittent fasting may also depend on the quality of the foods you consume during eating windows.
  • Motivation: Maintaining motivation over the long term can be challenging. While the app offers community support and motivational resources, your personal dedication to your health goals plays a crucial role.
  • Learning Curve: There may be a learning curve associated with using the app, especially if you are new to intermittent fasting or tracking health metrics. Give yourself time to become familiar with the app’s features.

In summary, whether LIFE Fasting Tracker works for you depends on your commitment, goals, health status, dietary choices, and ability to stay motivated. The app provides valuable tools and resources to support your intermittent fasting journey and overall wellness, but your personal engagement and consistency are key factors in achieving success. As with any health and wellness program, individual experiences may vary, and it’s essential to evaluate whether the app aligns with your unique needs and circumstances. Consulting with healthcare professionals when necessary is also advisable.

Our Ratings for LIFE Fasting Tracker Based on Our Test

  • Customization and Flexibility (5/5): One of the standout features of the LIFE Fasting Tracker app is its incredible customization. Whether you’re new to intermittent fasting or experienced faster, the app caters to your unique preferences. With multiple fasting types to choose from, finding a schedule that suits your lifestyle has never been easier.
  • Comprehensive Health Tracking (5/5): The app provides a comprehensive suite of tracking tools, including fasting progress, water intake, calorie monitoring, and daily steps. This holistic approach to health tracking keeps you informed and motivated.
  • Nutrition Guidance (5/5): The extensive library of recipes covering various dietary preferences is a real winner. No more struggling to find healthy, satisfying meals during eating windows. The app makes it easy to maintain a balanced diet while fasting.
  • Workout Routines (5/5): For someone like me who enjoys working out, the inclusion of professionally designed workout routines is a massive plus. From quick ab exercises to full-body workouts, there’s something for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.
  • Educational Resources (5/5): The educational articles and daily tips are like having a personal coach in your pocket. Even if you’re new to intermittent fasting, the app provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your health.
  • Motivation and Support (5/5): Staying motivated on a health journey can be challenging, but the LIFE Fasting Tracker has you covered. Regular reminders, articles by professionals, and motivational notifications keep you engaged and inspired.
  • Integration and Smart Scale (5/5): The integration with fitness trackers and the option to use the LIFE Fasting Tracker Smart Scale add an extra layer of convenience and insight. Monitoring metrics like visceral fat and hydration levels from the comfort of your home is a significant advantage.
  • Fiber Complex Supplement (4/5): While the fiber complex supplement is effective in managing hunger during fasting, it may not be suitable for everyone. Some users prefer a more natural fasting experience.
  • Evidence-Based Approach (5/5): The app’s evidence-based approach, combining behavioral science and technology, gives you real-time updates on your progress, helping you stay on track and make informed decisions.

Alternatives to LIFE Fasting Tracker

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FAQs about LIFE Fasting Tracker

Is LIFE Fasting Tracker Free?

The LIFE Fasting Tracker app offers both free and premium subscription options. Here’s an overview of the pricing structure:

  • Free Version: The app provides a free version that includes essential features such as fasting tracking, customizable fasting schedules, habit tracking, and access to the fasting community.
  • LIFE+ Subscription: For users looking to access additional premium features, the app offers the LIFE+ subscription. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the subscription was priced at $2.99 per month. Subscribing to LIFE+ unlocks features such as customizable fasting schedules, enhanced stats, fitness videos, visual progress tracking, and access to an exclusive social circle within the app.

Please note that subscription pricing and features may change over time, so I recommend checking the app’s official website or app store listing for the most up-to-date information on pricing and subscription details. You can also explore the app’s free version to see if it meets your needs before considering the premium subscription.

How to Cancel the Subscription of LIFE Fasting Tracker?

If you subscribed to LIFE Fasting Tracker through the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), you can manage your subscriptions directly from your device’s settings.

  • On iOS: Go to “Settings” > [your name] > “Subscriptions.”
  • On Android: Open the Google Play Store app > Menu > “Subscriptions.”
  • Locate the LIFE Fasting Tracker app subscription and follow the prompts to cancel.

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