BetterMe Review: Best Fit for Overall Health

Strictly speaking, BetterMe is much more than an intermittent fasting app since it integrates all solutions to weight loss and wellness and an intermittent fasting tracker is just one of its features. The true reason why BetterMe is here lies in the fact that most intermittent fasting doers mention and recommend BetterMe when they’re interviewed by our team. Therefore, it’s necessary to put it on our review list.

IOS Rating4.6
Android Rating4.3
Operating SystemIOS, Android
Price$4.99 for 1 week or $19.99 for 1 year

Our Review of BetterMe

If you’re just starting your journey into intermittent fasting, Soon Fasting is the perfect companion for beginners. This app offers a comprehensive set of features that align with the principles of intermittent fasting, making it an ideal choice. It comes equipped with valuable tools such as a tracker, weight loss log, drink log, and an all-round-clock with tips and meal plans to guide you effectively.

What sets Soon Fasting apart from the competition are its two standout features: the food & drink checker and hunger checker, which add a scientific edge to your fasting regimen. Furthermore, Soon Fasting not only excels in functionality but also in affordability, making it the most cost-effective option among all intermittent fasting apps available in the market. With Soon Fasting, you have a handy and budget-friendly tool to embark on your intermittent fasting journey.

Pros and Cons of BetterMe

BetterMe is an intermittent fasting with clear pros and cons.

Pros of BetterMe

  • Personalization
  • Comprehensive Progress Tracking
  • Variety of Workouts
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Supportive Community
  • Integration with Health Kit
  • BetterMe Band

Cons of BetterMe

  • Limited fasting features
  • Subscription-Based Model
  • Paid Challenge Schedules
  • Auto-Renewal

Key Features of BetterMe

  • Customized Wholesome Approach – We understand that everyone’s journey to weight loss or gain is unique. That’s why we tailor our plans to your busy schedule, preferences, and lifestyle, ensuring you achieve fast results without compromising your health.
  • Workouts for Every Level – Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our app has you covered with a diverse range of exercise sets for at-home or gym sessions. You can work out with or without equipment, and our clear instructions will help you prevent injuries and get acquainted with the fitness world quickly.
  • Varied Disciplines – From heart-pounding cardio to relaxing yoga, we offer a wide range of disciplines to suit your mood and needs, whether you want to energize yourself or unwind after a long day.
  • Easy-to-Follow Meal Plans – Our nutrition plans, designed by certified experts, supercharge your progress with options like intermittent fasting, keto, vegan, and more, all with your preferences in mind.
  • Support by Certified Coaches – Feeling uncertain or in need of motivation? Our certified coaches are just a message away. They’re here to guide, support, and chat whenever you need them.
  • Workout Programs – Personalized exercise and nutrition sets to help you reach your fitness goals faster.
  • All-New Meal Plans – Delicious dishes tailored to your preferences, complete with video recipes for easy preparation.
  • Calorie Tracker – Monitor your daily consumption and track macros with an intuitive design.
  • Community Engagement – Access daily articles, tips, tricks, and answers to FAQs to stay informed and motivated.
  • Personal Coach Feature – Get professional guidance and support throughout your weight loss journey.
  • Water Tracker and Step Counter – Ensure you’re hitting your daily hydration and activity goals.
  • Yoga, Running, and Walking Workouts – Enjoy a variety of workouts suitable for everyone.

How Much Does BetterMe Cost?

  • $19.99/year
  • $4.99/week

Who was BetterMe Made for?

BetterMe was designed and developed for individuals who are interested in improving their overall health and fitness. It caters to a broad audience, but its features and personalized approach make it particularly suitable for the following groups:

  • Fitness Enthusiasts: BetterMe offers a variety of workouts, from cardio to yoga, making it appealing to individuals who are already active and want to diversify their fitness routines.
  • Beginners: The app provides clear instructions and workouts suitable for beginners who may be new to exercise. It aims to help newcomers build confidence and develop a fitness routine.
  • People with Specific Goals: Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, or simply improving your overall health, BetterMe can create customized plans to help you achieve your objectives.
  • Busy Individuals: BetterMe’s customization takes into account busy schedules and lifestyle preferences, making it a viable option for those with limited time for fitness and meal planning.
  • Nutrition-Conscious Individuals: The app offers nutrition plans created by certified experts, catering to various dietary preferences, including intermittent fasting, keto, and vegan diets.
  • Individuals Seeking Accountability: The comprehensive progress tracking tools, including calorie tracking, step counting, and water intake monitoring, can help individuals stay accountable to their health and fitness goals.
  • Those Looking for Mental Well-Being Support: BetterMe includes cognitive therapy practice-based tips, which can benefit individuals seeking mental and emotional support alongside their physical fitness journey.
  • People Who Prefer Home Workouts: With a vast library of at-home workout options, BetterMe appeals to individuals who prefer exercising in the comfort of their own space.
  • Users Interested in a Supportive Community: The app fosters a sense of community through daily articles, tips, and access to certified coaches, creating a supportive environment for users.
  • Individuals Who Value Personalization: BetterMe’s emphasis on personalization ensures that fitness and nutrition plans are tailored to each user’s unique needs, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a customized approach to health and fitness.

Does BetterMe Work?

Whether BetterMe works effectively for you depends on several factors, including your commitment, adherence to the program, and compatibility with your fitness goals and preferences.

It’s worth noting that no fitness program or app guarantees results for every user. Success with BetterMe, as with any fitness app, depends on your commitment, consistency, and individual factors. Many users have reported positive experiences and results with BetterMe, but your personal experience may vary.

Before starting any new fitness program or making significant changes to your diet and exercise routine, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or fitness expert, especially if you have specific health concerns or medical conditions. They can help you determine the best approach to achieve your health and fitness goals safely and effectively.

Our Ratings for BetterMe Based on Our Test

  • Usefulness: 4.8/5
  • Cost: 4.8/5
  • Customer Support: 4.2/5
  • Customization: 4.4/5
  • Education and Resources: 4.0/5
  • Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Alternatives to BetterMe

soon fasting logo
Soon Fasting App

Our Rating: 4.6/5

simple logo
Simple Fasting App

Our Rating: 4.5/5

lasta logo
Lasta App

Our Rating: 4.4/5

FAQs about BetterMe

Is BetterMe Free?

BetterMe has a free version that offers basic features including a tracker, limited intermittent fasting plans, drink and weight log, all of which are beneficial for intermittent fasting beginners. In addition, the challenge schemes are not free and users should pay to take part in them.

How to Cancel the Subscription of BetterMe?

If you subscribed to BetterMe through the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), you can manage your subscriptions directly from your device’s settings.

  • On iOS: Go to “Settings” > [your name] > “Subscriptions.”
  • On Android: Open the Google Play Store app > Menu > “Subscriptions.”
  • Locate BetterMe app subscription and follow the prompts to cancel.

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